Welcome to Oxford Geek Jam wiki

Welcome to the Oxford Geek Jam wiki


What is the Oxford Geek Jam

Created by @loleg and @mattythorne, the Geek Jam is a response to the usual all talk, no action geek events. The premise is simple, you have one day to hack together a project, either decided on the day or suggested on this wiki, with a group of fellow geeksters. There is no skills requirement, just a willingness to learn and share.

Next Jam

Please use Which Weekend to say when you are free and join the Mailing List or Upcoming Event to find out about the next event.

Location, as always, will be The Jam Factory around the corner from the Oxford rail station. Visit their web site for some more details TheJamFactoryOxford.com, and please support this awesome Oxford venue by buying drinks, lunch or snacks and checking out works of local artists displayed around the building.

The day starts around 10:30am, so get there soon and join a team.

Suggested Projects

If you have an idea for a project for the next Geek Jam then head over to Project Ideas and add them there!

We are thinking about putting together something more permanent - creative shed? tech+arts collective? hackerspace? have your say on the Ox4HS wiki.

Previous Jams and Projects

Please browse this wiki for information on our projects. Here are just a few:

Hip.js - A fun HTML5/mobile/AI puzzle game and tribute to the late Martin Gardner - website

MuddyBunny - A TiddlyWiki presentation builder for HTML5 canvas - code

Stalk-O-Matic - Revealing the scary truth about your social media information - Stalk-O-Matic code, website

Repository Information

As of 26th November 2009 Oxford Geek Jam has its own Subversion repository to share Geek Jam related projects!
You can access the repository via the following URI…


For a list of projects in the repository -

# svn list svn://svn.oxfordgeekjam.net/svn/OxfordGeekJam/

Anonymous logins are read only access. If you need write access to the repository then please DM @mattythorne on Twitter or come along to the Jam!

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