Project Ideas

This is the place to put your super cool ideas to the public. Try and generate as much pre Jam collaboration as possible before the event to make your day more productive. Put your ideas here and add extra pages for your projects/ideas to discuss the finer details! This is your wiki!

World Domination App

Plot key points needed on a map with notes for actions to be taken at those points, include a time-line. This should allow anyone to follow the recommended actions to very quickly and efficiently become the Supreme World Leader

Visual Based CAPTCHA

Having to use a keyboard to validate through a CAPTCHA has many issues such as…

* Regional settings - keyboards may not have the characters required
* Accessibility - Not all users will be using a keyboard
* Accessibility - It can be difficult to make out the text in some CAPTCHAs
* Most folks don't use a keyboard as a primary means of browsing therefore want to click-through

It may be possible for a new kind of CAPTCHA, arrange the shapes or similar so it is not necessary to use a keyboard to validate.


IRC/Googletalk Bot

Bit of a large project this! Could probably not be completed in a single jam! Make a bot which lives on both IRC and Google talk and sits there waiting to dish out information such as currency conversions reverse IP lookups etc… The bot would have to have a threading model to accept multiple connections and also have an interface for both XMPP (Googletalk) and IRC. This is where the interest lies for me, I'm not too bothered by what gets outputted, but you may be (hint, hint)! Of course any self respecting bot needs a personality, I suggest Stalinbot.

Stalinbot wiki project page

Google Visualisation API Extension For Google Wave

Create an extension for Google Wave which utilises Google Visualisation API ( ) to chart data within a wave.

Project Whiteboard

A digital version of the classic office whiteboard for time management. Score up what projects you're working on and which days you're working on it. Could use something like the Basecamp API. Offers opportunities for both easily hackable data management and visualisations.

I like this! Maybe have some calendar integration for the finer details and some linking to project sites/resources. - Matt

Project Whiteboard wiki project page

They're doing a lot of this stuff with basecamp already. And to be honest, I'm now more interested in the following idea :) - Kevin

Inspired Android

Implement some inspired UI features (that could potentially be used in any app) for Google Android. Examples include:

Journal of failed Chemistry

A crowd sourced "Journal" of unexpected results that may prove useful to others.
Potential features include:

  • Graphical searching. This is pretty much essential for useful organic chemistry searching.
  • Easy submission form/template
  • A form of peer review but probably not a full process. Commenting to enable feedback on submissions.

Similar idea to The All Results Journals ( ) but would provide short snippets of interesting reactions.

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